Mirror mirror on the wall.

The flow of this world
Follows laws so great we can’t even imagine them.
Learn that flow, decompose it and reconstruct it;
That is what living is!

I used to recognise myself,
It’s funny how reflections change,
When we’re becoming something else,
I think it’s time to walk away.

I used to hate how I looked like in the mirror,
Thus because I knew who I was,
And loathed who I was becoming.
There was hope however, cause I knew.

I look at myself right now,
My reflection displays to me nothing but despair,
No hope, no glint, no passion left.
No comfort anywhere.

I take the last fleeting look at myself in the mirror,
Thinking to break the glass,
For I am curious to view the contents of my carotid artery.
Hoping in the process, to end my misery.

There is no hope, no peace, no love,
Only despair, pain, torment, and nothingness.
Unable to even hate, simply existing.
I wish to understand emotions, or get rid of them for good!

I’ll get used to it but these last months;
I wavered away from me,
Without realizing of what was happening to me,
And it arrived without seeing it come.
Forced notoriety, I take a lot of pleasure in it,
Even if I’m losing my freedom;
Wanting to succeed too much, the pressure of success.
The people, them and us, what are we going to become?

Newton Karanu

Newton Karanu

I’m a fullstack software developer who loves coffee, travel, adventure, poetry, photography and blogging.